Hold us together.
ALWAYS is available on iOS and Android devices. Currently released through organizations, inquire here about using the app for holding your family, tribe, or group together.
With AlwaysApp, that’s how long it takes to pool media from everyone in the family or group, choose a few clips and put them together, add a title and music, and make an inspiring video story.
No more begging people to send you their pictures, reformatting, staying up all night trying to figure out a complicated editing program—which means your legacy video comes out days or weeks after the experience—long enough that you’ve forgotten why you wanted to make the video in the first place.
With AlwaysApp you can put together your family or group video from everyone’s media as often as you like, whenever you like—while you’re laying in bed, riding in a car, standing in line. The video is made almost as quickly as it takes to think about it—90 seconds.
Just 90 seconds to the most incredible “I love you,” “I care,” “You matter,” “Look at who we are and what we have,” and “Let’s remember this forever.”
ALWAYS is a sponsor of the EmbraceLife.tech movement, which supports abundant living in a tech-driven world. Click here for more information.
Hold us together.